Registration and Troop Dues

There are 2 annual fees associated with Scouting both of which are due in December. The first one is for the Boy Scouts of America organization membership ($33). Payment is made to the troop and we pay council office. The second is for Troop 312 membership ($102).

In order to be an official member of Scouting through the Boy Scouts of America organization, each Scout must be registered through the North Florida Council, which is the local BSA council office. Their current registration fee is $33 for a year, (Feb-Jan). If a Scout joins the Troop mid-year, that fee is pro-rated.

The Dues for Troop 312 are $102 for a year, (Jan-Dec). This amount is pro-rated for you depending upon which time of the year your son joins the troop. This money goes towards troop expenses such as badges, patches, equipment, and so forth.

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These are the options for payment:

    • A one-time payment of $135, (due at the first troop meeting in December).

    • A $67.50 semi-annual payment, (due at the first troop meeting in December and June).

This schedule was created to make budgeting easier for families. If you are experiencing financial challenges, please contact the troop's treasurer. Reminder: All of these fees can be paid from the balance in your son's Scout Account.

Scout Accounts (Savings)

Each scout will have his own individual monetary "Scout Account" within the troop. Monies are added to the account mainly by the Scout's participation in troop fundraisers. Participation in popcorn sales is one such event. A percentage of the money raised will go into each Scout's account pro-rated on the amount of participation time at the event. The money in the account may be used for any kind of Scout related expense, such as dues, summer camp fees, monthly camping fees, etc. Scout account balances can be requested at any time. Parents can send an email request to the current Troop Treasurer. (See Troop Contact for more information.)

FUNd raisers!

The troop holds at least 4 annual fundraisers. The monies received from fundraising determine the financial success of the troop. All Scouts are expected to participate in no less than 2 fundraisers per year. Selling teaches the Scouts the value of self-reliance, salesmanship, and the importance of earning their own way. The most well-known fundraiser is the sale of Trail's End Popcorn. This is one place where parents can really support their Scout by encouraging their efforts and helping with the logistics of reaching out to potential customers. Popcorn sales start in September and ends in late November.

Examples of other fundraisers include camp cards, car washes, directing parking and assisting shoppers at the annual St. John's County Agricultural Flower Expo, etc. For each specific fundraiser, the troop pre-defines what portion of the proceeds will go to the troop and what portion goes into the specific Scout's account. If the scout wants to use money from their account for a particular expense, (for example, to pay towards summer camp), they simply have to communicate it to the troop treasurer who will transfer the money accordingly.

Generally expenses include: dues (as described above), camping fees (typically $10 for the food for a weekend campout + any registration fees if a particular event requires it), uniform costs, and summer camp expenses (prices vary depending on location of summer camp, transportation modes, etc…). By participating in fundraisers, many if not all of these expenses can be met through the scout's account.